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Originally GOATSOUND was simply a convenient title given to anywhere a recording or mixing session happened with owner/engineer Jason PC. From its humble beginnings, GOATSOUND has gradually grown into the multi-room recording and rehearsal facility it is today. At GOATSOUND, we been producing quality recordings with a minimum of fuss at competitive rates for over 10 years specializing in underground and independent recording artists from all over the world.


GOATSOUND offer everything from simple artist demos and EPs to full length album production for an ever growing list of national and international artists. We have the ability to track an entire band live with isolation provided to individual elements as needed.

At GOATSOUND we have both digital and 24 track 2” Analogue recording abilities, we also do mastering and voice over work. We also offer a selection of amps ,cabinets, pedals and other assorted gear to use in your session at no charge. See the gear list section of the site for more information on what is available.

GOATSOUND is also one of the few studios that can follow your project from conception right the way through to the final mastering stages, Including cutting your masters onto lacquers for pressing at the vinyl manufacturing plant of your choice.


All 5 rehearsal rooms at GOATSOUND come equipped with vocal PA’s with 2 microphones as standard. (More available if needed at no extra charge.)

Rehearsal rooms are available Mon–Fri from 6–12 PM. 
Day sessions available on special request.

At GOATSOUND we have drinks and snacks available and the reception area has a selection of guitar picks, drum sticks, strings, earplugs, leads etc available for purchase. All items subject to availability.

The GOATSOUND Rehearsal Studios offer a relaxed environment with clean facilities.

Goatsound is the favoured rehearsal space for bands including Airborne, Blunt Shovel, The Birdcage, Cemetery Urn, Dread, The Elbrus, Grindhouse, Grudge, Headless, The Kill, King Fate, Vicious Circle and many more.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any recording pricing and availability. You can contact GOATSOUND by email or phone. You can also contact us with all GOATSOUND recording enquiries by completing the form below.

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