How I Got Into Venom

Venom 'Witching Hour & Blood Lust' from the Shockwave compilation VHS video

This was how I got into Venom. I used to go to the video store every weekend and pay a few dollars to rent this for a week. I must have watched it 100 times. I hated the rest of the bands on this video, but now its somewhat amusing. In fact watch the start of the video by the band Lion's Pride.

LION'S PRIDE – 'Lion's Pride'

VENOM – 'Witching Hour & Blood Lust'

Here is the venom stuff. Fucking Classic. This is one of those videos that you just have to wonder who thought this was good idea? I'm glad it happened though its a great video.

Death Metal Doco

Death Metal Special 1993

Death Metal Documentary

Here is a Death Metal documentary from 1993 with excerpts from concerts and interviews with band members Slayer, Gorguts, Atheist, Demolition Hammer, Death, Cannibal Corpse, Sepultura, Entombed, Morbid Angel.

At about 20 minutes in, it's got some Morrisound Studios stuff as well as an interview with producer Scott Burns who talks about how Death Metal is starting to become stagnant. That was 1993.