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Number One Position of the Doom Charts Oct. 2016


These cats made the list last month, but have without any doubt turned everybody on this time around. Climbing twenty spots to Number One.
Holy Serpent return with a scorching 2nd album, ‘Temples’. In scenes reminiscent of the progression between the first and second albums from Elder you will bear witness to a band raising the stakes in crafting their own sound – heavy and oozing with melody, unexpected twists and surging riffs, searing wah soaked solos and that mile thick guitar tone has so much bite, incredible… The album seems to slow down and get heavier with each track. Penberthy’s vocals are out of this world, the icing on what is set to be an instant classic. Complex, yet so easy to listen to. And you will, again and again. Holy Serpent and Ridingeasy Records have some gold on their hands here.

Clint (Hand of Doom Radio)
Number One Position of the Doom Charts Oct. 2016



Earlier this year, back in May, we told you about a band from Canberra, Australia, releasing a teaser for their forthcoming debut record through a Quick Hit. We were excited for what Witchskull had to offer, and after finally getting to hear their debut album, we have to applaud the Aussies for exceeding all of our expectations: The Vast Electric Dark is stunning!


king parrot.jpeg


Even more than that though, these guys know precisely what they are doing. It is a calculated piece of extreme art, with strong musicianship and a production job skilfully left just on the right side of raw and dirty. And the insane vocals of leader screamer Matt Young are just plain throat-rippingly scary. Be warned, this is not music for the faint of heart. This album is a very nasty piece of work, and that’s exactly how they like it.

— Rod Whitfield, Beat Magazine



Track 1 is the EP’s title track. And what a track it is. Even in the first 30 seconds of the track, I noticed the improvement in sound quality the band have achieved. Joel McGann’s drums really show up in full force on Radiant Moon … Read full review HERE.




I have to give credit to everyone involved in the recording mixing and mastering as well, because this record sounds fucking amazing. There's plenty of noise and fuzz (very rich, warm sounding fuzz at that) without sacrificing any power at all and the drums in particular sound spectacular!

— Maximum Rock and Roll (AU)



What makes Kill Them…All a unique addition to their already split and EP heavy catalog is the recording quality. The Kill has never sounded better. Make 'Em Suffer was a great sounding record and was still raw to the bone but Kill Them … All brings a better balance to the band's incredibly energetic sound. It's something that, as distorted, heavy, and punchy as it is, falls on rope that is both rough but cleaned up just enough that it doesn't sound over produced.




The production is perfect. You can hear every note to head-banging perfection. This is an album you have to listen to with your mates and party out till the early hours.




If you are a long-time fan of Clagg, you are going to love this album as I did.

The band should be proud of this album as I feel it is their best album to date. Just sit back and enjoy the awesome riffs that Clagg have delivered here.

Gather Your Beasts is a truly stunning album from Australia’s Premier Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal band.

Clagg have never sounded better than they do on this album.
The production is immense through out. Gather Your Beasts is another outstanding album from this truly great band.


Recording discography

  • Sweet Gold: singles and Album Recorded/Mixed
  • Butterfly: Demos 2018 Recorded
  • Reaper: Demo 2017 Vinyl Master
  • Drain Life: Smashing the Silver Pillow EP Engineered/Mixed/Mastered
  • Onne: Mixed Album Mixed/Mastered
  • Priors: Album Mastered
  • Dog: 7” EP Mastered
  • Credits: EP Recorded/Mixed/Mastered
  • Pest: 7” Recorded/Mixed/Mastered
  • Piggy: Album Engineered
  • Phantom Panda: TBC Album Engineered
  • Douche Crew: Live In Melbourne -Mixed/Mastered
  • Dead Root: Live in Japan Mastered
  • Dead Root: Album Engineered/Mixed/Mastered TBC
  • Smoke Witch: Blue Cobra 7” Recorded/Mixed/Mastered
  • Smoke Witch: Light of Doom 7” Recorded/Mixed/Mastered
  • Modern Fidelity: EP Engineered/Mixed
  • M.A.P.S. Album Engineered/Mixed
  • Cosmic Kahuna: Paint stripper Album Engineered/Mixed
  • Abraxxas: The Killing Fields EP Recorded/Mixed
  • ESP Mayhem: Album TBC Recorded
  • Derailment: Recorded TBC
  • Drool: Viking Metal Demos Remastered.
  • Gore Angel Mastered
  • Anatomy-Remastered
  • Black Serpent: Remastered
  • Dreaded Void: Album Mastered
  • Fungus: Crocadilla Bonepipe Album Mastered
  • Five Dollar Justice: Album Mixed/Mastered
  • Gordy Forman and Brian Pretus: Pocket Sized Cannon Co-Engineer
  • Plasmodium: TBC Recorded
  • Grounds: Mastered
  • Abu Ghraib: Album Mastered
  • Cundalinis Revenge: Album Mastered.
  • Greystone Canyon: While the Wheels Still Turn Album Co-Engineered
  • Australian Kingswood Factory Album Recorded/Mixed/Mastered.
  • Filth: 7” TBC
  • Extinct Exist: Album Engineered/Mixed
  • Pregnancy: Engineered Album TBC
  • Headless: One Track Recorded/Mixed/Mastered
  • Kutabare 7” TBC
  • Kutabare 7” TBC
  • The Credits: Kill Pop Radio EP Mastered.
  • True Defective: Album TBC
  • Born Dead: Album Engineered Mixed/Mastered
  • Clogged: Album Engineered/MixedTBC
  • Brown Paper Bag: Wasted Life Album Mastered
  • Slit Throats: Album Mastered
  • Headless Death Desperate Pigs 7”
  • Enzyme: Piss On Authority 7” Engineered/Mixed
  • Enzyme: Abuse of Power 7” Engineered/Mixed
  • Enzyme: Japanese Tour Flexi 7” Engineered/Mixed
  • Systema En Decadencia: Ganancias De La Guerra  7”
  • Grudge: Trial Minds and Empty Shells EP Engineered
  • Mindrippa: Mindrippa Album Engineered/Mixed/Mastered
  • Grudge: Stray Venom EP Engineered
  • Transcendent Sea: Mastered
  • Silverlight Shadows Headspace Album Engineered/Mixed
  • Sebasrockets: Pain Destroyer EP Engineered/Mixed
  • Maggot: A Catalyst for Mayhem Album Mastered
  • Witchskull: Raven Album Co-Engineered/Co-Produced
  • Dickies Birds: Engineered/Mixed Album TBC
  • Scars of Sodom: Demo Track
  • Bad Batch: Demo  Engineered/Mixed/Mastered
  • Neck Grip: EP  Engineered/Mixed/Mastered
  • Amphetamine Sloth: Mixed/Mastered.
  • Subtract-S : Love Replaced By Machine  EP Mastered
  • She-Beast : Felch ‎EP  Engineered/Mixed/Mastered
  • Atomic Death Squad: Grey Life Track Engineered/Produced
  • Atomic Death Squad: Mastering the Milano Mosh Engineered/Produced
  • East Coast Low: Open Up The Sky Album Mastered
  • Contaminated-Final Man Album Engineered
  • Mindsnare: Unholy Rush Album Co-Engineered/Produced. Release date TBC
  • Mindsnare: The Holy Bull Rides Fast 7” Co-Engineered/Produced
  • Mindsnare: Into Infinity 7” Co-Engineered/Produced
  • Clowns: EP Release Date TBC
  • Flour: I Don’t Wanna 7” Engineered/Mixed/Mastered Release date TBC
  • Field: Album Engineered/Mixed Release date TBC
  • The Kill: Album Engineered TBC
  • Holy Serpent: Temples Album Engineered 2016
  • No Class: No Class EP Engineered/Mixed/Mastered 2016
  • She-Beast: Split Release with Dronegoola Machine. Engineered/Mixed/Mastered 2016
  • Leftover Crack: "Land Down Under" Tour release Engineered/Mixed/Mastered 2016
  • Drain Life: Smashing the Silver Pillow EP Engineered/Mixed/Mastered
  • Dark Horse: Album Engineered/Mixed 2016 TBC
  • Jerk Beast: I'll Sleep When I'm Dead EP Engineered/Mixed 2016
  • Entasis: Evil Rise Remaster/Compile 2016
  • Atomic Death Squad: 7” EP Tracks Engineered/Mixed 2016
  • Sebasrockets: Mini Album Engineered/Mixed Release date TBC
  • Modern Fidelity: 7" EP Engineered/Mixed 2016
  • Pissbolt: Pissnblood Album Engineered/Mastered 2016 TBC
  • Contaminated: Album Engineered/Mastered 2016 TBC
  • Silverlight Shadows: Album Engineered/Mixed 2016 TBC
  • Smoke Witch: EP Mastered 2016 TBC
  • Seedy Jeezus: Isaiah Mitchel Split 7" 2016
  • Seedy Jeezus: Live LP Mixed/Mastered 2016
  • Transendant Sea:  Ballads of Drowning men Album Mixed/Mastered 2016
  • Maggot Bath: Maggot Bath Album Engineered/Mixed/Mastered 2016
  • Maggot Bath: Cenobite EP  Engineered/Mixed/Mastered 2016
  • The Grounds: Album Mastered 2016
  • Hawkmoth: Godless Summit Pt 1 Album Engineered/Mixed TBC
  • Headless Death: A Hideous Warning Album, Engineered
  • Hecatomb: Remastered Demos 2016
  • Blunt Shovel: Get In The Ground Album-Engineered 2016
  • Bunyip: Skunge Album Engineered/Mixed /Mastered 2016
  • Dire Fate: ...Where Undead Once Were Album Engineered/Mixed/Mastered TBC
  • Desecrator: To The GallowsAlbum Engineered/Mixed TBC
  • Vicious Circle: Album Produced/Engineered/Mixed TBC
  • She-Beast: III EP Engineered/Mixed/Mastered
  • She-Beast: Felch EP  Engineered/Mixed/Mastered
  • She-Beast: Lactating EP CD 3 EP Engineered/Mixed/Mastered
  • Whitehorse: Split 12” w/Upyr Mixed 2016
  • Born Free: Sorrow LP Engineered/Mixed 2016
  • Dickcheese Goatsound Hard-Ons Reinterpretation album Engineered/Mixed 2016
  • Mammoth Mammoth: Mammoth Bloody Mammoth 12" EP Engineered/Mixed/Mastered 2016
  • Birdcage: Album Engineered/Mixed/Mastered 2016
  • AK11: EP Engineered/Mixed 2016
  • Looking Glass: Volume 4 Album Mastered 2016
  • Battlesick: Questions, Comments? Album Engineered/Mixed/Mastered
  • Headless: Sever The Spine Mici CD Mastered 2016
  • Vicious Circle: Price of Progress/Reflections 2XLP Re-Release. Compile and Re-Master 2016
  • Vicious Circle: Search for the Solution 2XLP Re-Release. Compile and Re-Master 2016
  • Vicious Circle: Rhyme with Reason/Into the Void 2XLP LP Re-Release. Compile and Re-Master
  • Vicious Circle: Circle of the Doomed 7" Compile and Re-Master
  • Silverlight Shadows: Silverlight Shadows Album 2016
  • Dead Root: Fuck Every Thing Album Engineered/Mixed/Mastered 2016
  • Big Bread: Album TBC
  • Diana Radar: EP: Engineered/Mixed 2016
  • Scars Of Sodom: Demo 2016
  • Black Flag: Damaged Goatsound reinterpretation album 2016
  • Grudge Album: No Acceptance Engineered 2016
  • Grudge: Frail Minds and Empty Shells EP Engineered 2016
  • Merchant: Suzerain Album Engineered/Mixed 2016
  • Anatomy: Demo Tracks Re-Mastered for Witches of Damnithor Re-Release 2016
  • Beyond Contempt: EP Engineered/Mixed 2016
  • Frank Rizzo: Album Engineered/Mixed TBC
  • Crossed: Album Engineered/Mixed/Mastered 2016
  • Maps of Tassie: Album Engineered/Mixed TBC
  • Blind Man Death Stare: Born a Centimetre from the Finish Line Album Engineered/Mixed/Mastered
  • Blind Man Death Stare:  Comp Track Engineered/Mixed/Mastered
  • Dangerous Curves: Album Engineered/Mixed/Mastered
  • Nemisium: Sentient Cognizance Album Engineered/Mixed
  • Blood Duster Split 7" w/Brutal Truth. Produced/Co-Engineered/Mixed/Mastered Blood Duster side
  • She Beast: Split with Colostomy Baguette Engineered/Mixed/Mastered
  • She Beast: Split with High Drifters Engineered/Mixed/Mastered
  • Phantom Panda Wizard Master Smasher: Live Album Engineered/Mixed
  • Plasmodium: Album Engineered/Mixed
  • Birdcage: 1000% live EP Engineered/Mixed/Mastered
  • Foreign Kings: EP engineered/Mixed/Mastered
  • Roundtable: Dread Marches Under Bloodied Regalia Album Engineered/Mixed 2016
  • Acid Vain: Acid Vain 7", Engineered/MIxed/Mastered, Independent release, 2015
  • The Kill: Kill them … All Album, Co-engineered/MIxed, Blastasfuck, 2015
  • Rocks: Final Assault 7", Vinyl Re-Master, Repressed Records, 2015
  • Watchtower: Radiant Moon EP, Engineered/MIxed, Independent release, 2015
  • Witchskull: The Vast Electric Dark Album, Engineered/MIxed, Independent release, 2015
  • Trench Sisters: Splits Session, Engineered
  • Evil Eye: Evil Eye EP, Co-engineered/Mixed, Independent release, 2014
  • Headless Death: Splits Session, Engineered
  • Order of Chaos: Deadweight Undertow Album, Co-engineered/Mixed, 2014
  • Metal Storm: I: Saeculum Obscurum’ EP, Engineered/Mixed, Independent release, 2014
  • Kodiak Throat: Architects 7", Mastered, Independent release, 2014
  • Doubled Over: Split 7" with Hemdale, Engineered/MIxed/Mastered, Fatass Records, 2014
  • Subtract S: Love Replaced by Machine Session, Mastered, From upcoming EP, 2014
  • The Grounds: The Grounds Album, Mastered
  • Atomic Death Squad: Extended EP, Engineered/Mixed/Mastered, Independent release, 2015
  • Ben Gel & The Boneyard Saints: The Baddest Man in Shit Town, Mastered, 2014
  • Broozer: II LP, Co-engineered/MIxed, Independent release, 2015
  • Hornet's Nest: 7", Engineered/MIxed/Mastered
  • Chinatown Angels: Gypsy Blood Album, Mastered, Independent release, 2013
  • Hotel Wrecking City Traders: Ode to Chunn EP, Co-engineered/Mixed/Mastered, 2014
  • Wölfe: Split 12" LP with Hellcrawler, Engineered/MIxed/Mastered, The End Of Humanity, 2014
  • Outcast: Outcast Tape, Engineered/MIxed, Heavy Chains Records, 2014
  • Soma Coma: Dust LP, Engineered/MIxed/Mastered, Cool Death Records, 2014
  • Siren Black: Catfish/Mild Antidote EP, Engineered, Independent release, 2014
  • Pregnancy: Demo CD, Engineered/MIxed/Mastered, Independent release, 2014
  • I Exist: Album, Co-Produced/Co-engineered
  • The Kill: Split 5" Vinyl, Engineered/Mixed/Mastered
  • Brutal Truth: End Time Album, Mixed
  • I Exist: Record/Resist 7", Mixed
  • Stranglehold: X-mas session, Co-engineered/Mixed
  • Fattura Della Morte: Much Grease Much Misery Mastered 2015
  • Hard Targets: EP, Engineered/MIxed
  • Filth: Pastor of Muppets 7", Engineered/MIxed/Mastered, Gamla Grind Records, 2014
  • Hotel Wrecking City Traders: Ikiryo, Co-engineered/Mixed/Mastered, Bro Fidelity, 2014
  • Wölfe: New Album Session, Engineered, 2014
  • Grim Reality: 7" Bandit Country 7" 2014
  • Mammoth Mammoth: Vol IV: Hammered Again, Co-engineered/Mixed, Napalm Records, 2015
  • Kromosom: Split 7" with Nomad, Engineered, Independent release, 2014
  • Clagg: Gather Your Beasts Album, Co-engineered/MIxed, Independent release, 2013
  • King Parrot: Bite Your Head Off Album, Co-engineered/MIxed, Candlelight Records, 2013
  • Monarch: : Album, Co-engineered
  • Born Free 201: Evil Hands 7" EP 2014
  • Headless Death: Split 7" with Machetazo, Engineered, Blastasfuck, 2014
  • Wolfe: Split 7", Engineered/MIxed/Mastered
  • Wolfe: Split 7" with Sete Star Sept, Engineered/MIxed/Mastered, The End Of Humanity, 2014
  • The Ruiner: Compilation Session, Co-engineered/MIxed
  • Haavitajat: Split 7", Engineered/MIxed
  • Outright: Dedication7", Engineered/Mixed
  • Kromosom: Nuclear Reich Album, Engineered, Independent release, 2013
  • Wolfpack: Upcoming EP, Mastered
  • Nocturnal Ashes: Album, Engineered/MIxed/Mastered
  • Mammoth Mammoth: Vol 3 Hells Likley Album, Engineered/MIxed/Produced
  • Blood Duster: KVLT LP, Engineered/Mixed/Mastered
  • Sewercide: Split 7" EP, Engineered/MIxed
  • Extortion: Split 12" with Cold World, Engineered/MIxed
  • Ether Rag: Mastered, Captain Cleanoff, 7", Co-Engineered
  • Wolfpack: Lost Dogs Home Benifit EP, Mastered
  • Footy Shorts: Album Mixed
  • The Kill: Make Em Suffer Album, Co-engineered/MIxed
  • I Exist: II: The Broken Passage, Co-Engineered
  • Stranglehold: Upcoming EP, Engineered/Mixed
  • Wölfe: EP, Engineered/MIxed
  • Moth: Album, Co-Engineered/Mixed
  • Broozer: ALBUM, Mixed/Co-Produced
  • Muscle Car: Daibutsu Rock N Roll 7", Co-engineered/Mixed
  • King Parrot: The Stench of Hardcore Pub Trash EP, Mixed
  • The Kill: Split 7" with The Communion, Co-engineered/Mixed
  • The Kill: Split 7" with Mortalized, Co-engineered/Mixed
  • The Kill: Split 7" with Captain Cleanoff, Engineered/Mixed/Mastered
  • Filth: Album, Engineered/MIxed/Mastered Release date TBC
  • Los Hombres Del Diablo: Preacher of Darkness Album Engineered/Mixed/Mastered 2015
  • Thrill Killer: Live at the Prague, Engineered
  • Infamous Butcher: Album, Engineered/Mixed
  • Summons: Zeichen der Hexe EP, Engineered/Mixed
  • Brutal Truth: Evolution Through Revolution Album, Mixed/Mastered
  • The Boo Hoos: 2 track pre-production Demo, Engineered/Mixed
  • Dread: EP, Engineered/MIxed/Mastered
  • Fineartdealer: Fast times and fused minds, Engineered/MIxed/Mastered
  • Mindsnare: Split EP with Ringworm, Co-engineered
  • Blag Dalia: Acoustic session, Engineered
  • Dwarves/Blood Duster: Split 7" ep, Mastered Vinyl Cut
  • Vicious Circle: Never Give In Album Engineered/MIxed
  • Incision: Demo EP, Engineered/Mixed /Mastered
  • Internal Rot: 7" inch, Engineered/Mixed/Mastered
  • Kisstroyer: Live recording session, Engineered
  • Hackxwhore: Album, Engineered/MIxed/Mastered
  • Lost Royals: Album, Mastered
  • Shelfin: Secondhand Family Album, Mastered
  • Bad At Knitting: 4 song EP, Enginnered/Mixed/Mastered
  • The Undefeated: Rehearsal Demo, Engineered/Mixed/Mastered
  • Worm Intentions: Album, Engineered/Mixed
  • Die Scoundrals: Album, Mastered
  • Lumbar: Vinyl split 7" and CD EP tracks, Engineered/Mixed/Mastered
  • Immolate: Album, Mastered
  • Coffins: Discography Album, Mastered
  • Nick Oliveri: Pre-production Demos for Death Acoustic, Mastered
  • Captain Cleanoff: Split EP, Co-engineered/Mixed
  • Hotel Wrecking City Traders: Loose Alcoholic Single, Mixed/Mastered, Bro Fidelity, 2014
  • Christbait: Truckin Box Set, Remix
  • The Mung: New EP, Engineered/Produced/Mixed
  • Meatlocker: TBC album tracks, Engineered
  • Fineartdealer: EP, Mixed/Mastered
  • Roadside Burial: Album, Vocal Engineer
  • Cuntscrape: Papsmear Campaign Album, Mastered
  • Demonium: 3 track EP, Engineered/Mixed
  • The Loveless: Cinderella split 7" EP, Engineered/Produced/Mastered
  • Roskopp: Mutation, Voodoo, Deformity or Disease Album, Co-engineer
  • Drifter: 5 track EP, Engineered/Produced/Mastered
  • Jed Whitey: 2 Tracks for Split 7" with Extortion, Engineered/Produced/Mastered
  • Legends of Motorsport: Tracks for upcoming album, Co-engineered/Mixed
  • Honeytrap: EP, Co-engineered/Mixed/Mastered
  • Uncut White Noise: Album tracks., Co-engineered/Mixed
  • Pod People: Mons Animae Morturorim Album, Co-engineered/Produced/Mixed/Mastered
  • Young Breeder: Demo, Co-engineered/Mixed
  • The Delta Reds: Recording, Co-engineered/Mixed/Mastered
  • Rawsexeswar: Promo CD, Co-engineered/Produced/Mastered
  • Tigernaghts: Demo CD, Mastered
  • Budd: Album, Co-engineered, 2009
  • Potential Citizans: Demo, Engineered/Mixed
  • Uncut White Noise: Demo, Engineered
  • The Shut Lines: 5 song EP, Mixed/Produced, 2007
  • Young Breeder: EP, Produced/Mixed, 2007
  • The Auctioneers: Promo Demo, 2005, Engineered/Mixed
  • The Wardens: Promo Demo, 2005, Engineered/Mixed
  • The Blacklist: Total Blacklist Album 2006, Engineer
  • Mindsnare: Pre-production demos for album, Engineered/Mixed, 2006
  • Eyetofuck: Fukeyeslutz, Mastered, 2007
  • Burn The City: Burn the City, Album pre-production, 2005
  • Uptown Killers: Demo 2004
  • Threshold: Demo, 2004
  • Budd: Taster CD, Engineered, 2007
  • Sealfinger: Customer support experience, Album Engineered, 2007
  • Blood Duster: Lyden Na: Triple Album, Produced/Co-engineered/Mixed, Goatsound, 2007
  • Blood Duster/Venomous Concept: Split 7″, Produced Blood Duster side, Missing Link, 2007
  • Honeytrap: Bulls cant be choreographed EP, Produced/Engineered/Mixed  2007
  • Fighting Locusts: Demo CD, Engineered/Mixed, 2007
  • Captain Cleanoff: Discography, Mastering/Compiling, 2006
  • Roskopp: Self Titled 7", Engineered and Mixed2006
  • The Day Everything Became Nothing: Invention/Destruction, Produced/Engineered/Mixed 2006
  • Fuck … I'm Dead: Gore Grind Thrash Attack Live DVD, Produced/Co-engineered/Mixed 2006
  • Fuck … I'm Dead: Gore Grind Thrash Attack Live Album, Produced/Co-engineered/Mixed 2006
  • The Deloreans: Self titled, Produced/Engineered/Mixed 2006
  • Craig Westwood and the Godless Few: Saturday Night Believer Album, Co-engineer, 2005
  • Fuck … I'm Dead: Split 7", Produced/Engineered/Mixed, Relapse Records, 2005
  • Pillow: Goof rock high album, Produced/Mixed 2005
  • Fat Elvis: Independent released 3 track CD, Produced/Engineered/Mixed  2005
  • Burn The City: 4 track Demo, Engineered/Mixed 2005
  • Samsara: Self Titled Mini CD, Engineered/Mixed, 2005
  • Blood Duster: I Wanna do it with a Donna 7", Produced 2003
  • Blood Duster: Self Titled, Produced 2003
  • Blood Duster: D.F.F. EP, Produced 2003
  • High Voltage Records: Hip New Sounds Compilation CD Produced, Compiled.
  • Stiff Meat: Introducing ..., Mini LP Produced 2003
  • Blood Duster: Cunt, Produced  2001

Other engineers at Goatsound

  • Olmeg: Maladies Album Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Paul Fox
  • Garlic Nun: Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Lincoln Byass
  • Imprisoned: EP Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Lewis Noke Edwards
  • Eater of the Sky: Album Recorded, Mixed and Mastered  by Lincoln Byass
  • Infinite Void:  Endless Waves Album, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Steven Smith


Vinyl Masters

Lacquer master discs cut. Partial list of clients include: Peep Tempel, Extortion, Blueline Medic, Grey Daturas, Kids of Zoo, Sissy Spacek, Jazkamer (Nor), The Spazzys, The Spills, X (Aus), Violent Soho, Striborg, Circle of Auraborus, The Chosen Few, Wonders of Darkness, Nuit Noir (Fra), The Dwarves (USA), Leader Cheetah, Birdwave, Midnight Woolf, Black Fire, Valentine, The Fearless Vampire Killers, Vellocettes, John E Vistic Experience (UK), Black Loop, Demon Parade, Deaf Wish.

I exist & king parrot

Here is some footage of Canberra Stoner/Hardcore (or Hardcore stoners) band I Exist recording at the old Goatsound Studio. As soon as I get some new studio footage ill put that up.

The famous KING PARROT video. A very entertaining bunch. This was co-engineered and mixed right here at Goatsound.