Enzyme "Abuse Of Power" review

Five brain-melting tracks of hardcore fury from a crew of Aussie lifers. This looks and sounds amazing, with classic SVK-influenced collage art gracing the sleeve and a massive live-sounding recording that showcases the band to their best advantage. Their sound is drawn from both noize-punk and chaotic crust, with the bass leading the band and supported by hectic but never too-busy drumming, piss-raw buzzing guitars, and deep, intense vocals. The first four tracks fly by at high speed, while the record-closing "Hollow" slows down to a CHAOS UK-style stomping tempo with tons of killer tom work. Fuck, all you gotta do is look at who put this out and you know it's got to be quality. (AU) (Crust War/Hardcore Victim)


Recorded at Goatsound Studios by Jason Fuller.

Mindsnare "Unholy Rush" review

“‘Unholy Rush’ provides thirteen tracks of Mindsnare’s trademark aggression and metallic hardcore assault, with some pre-release tracks already seeing the light of day, but also plenty of shiny new bangers to wrap your ears around. As to be expected, the material for ‘Unholy Rush’ was compiled and recorded in the same sessions as those for ‘Into Infinity’ & ‘The Holy Bull Rides Fast,’ with engineering by Jason Fuller at Goat Sound, mixing from Kurt Ballou at God City Studios, mastering from Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, and production by Jason Fuller and guitarist Beltsy. Source: killyourstereo.com

‘Unholy Rush’ is a punishing throwback to Mindsnare’s greatest era, and the record fans have been anxiously and desperately salivating for. Do not sleep on this shit, as it will no doubt be one of the best Australian hardcore releases of 2017.” Source: Heavy Mag

“The old cliché ‘all killer, no filler’ comes immediately to mind with this flat out, well produced, pummeling metallic hardcore album.” Source: Hysteria


Mindsnare "Unholy Rush"
Recorded at Goatsound Studios by Jason Fuller
Out now and available for digital download via Bandcamp